Uniden VSN255


Uniden VSN255

Self-Contained, RF Remote-Controlled Vehicle Security System Rechargeable backup battery capability 3-channel transmitter With rolling code & code learning technology.


  • RF Remote Control — Comes with slim-line transmitter.
  • RF Panic Alert — Pressing transmitter button #1 for 3 seconds will sound the siren.
  • Quiet Mode — Pressing transmitter button #2 followed by button #1 will arm or disarm the alarm without chirping.
  • Audio Confirmation — Siren chirps once when armed, twice when disarmed, and three times for zone override (such as a door is open when armed).
  • Multi-use Remote Control — Transmitter button #2 can also be used to open or close a garage door when used with the optional SEA910 receiver or control another Uniden VS1100XR or VS2100XR.
  • Alarm Status LED — The LED will indicate whether the alarm is armed (LED flashes) or disarmed (LED is off), also which sensor was triggered.
  • Unique Built-In Electromagnetic Shock Sensor (with pre-intrusion feature)

Revolutionary sensitivity-stable design ensures the sensor never needs readjusting
once it is installed. Constructed to eliminate contact problems associated with
corrosion, cold-soldering, and condensation. If there is a light shock to any part of
the vehicle, the siren will "chirp," but the alarm will not trigger. If a harder impact is
made to the vehicle, it will trigger the alarm and sound the siren.

  • Complete Protection for the Car — The alarm triggers when:

1. A drop in current from the car's battery is sensed (e.g. when domelight comes
2. Shock or impact to the car is sensed.
3. Any attempt is made to start the car engine when the alarm is armed (starter
4. Any door of the car is opened.

  • 115dB Siren — Will blast for 25 seconds upon intrusion and will reset automatically.
  • Car's Door Lock/Unlock — Locks or unlocks the doors when the alarm is armed or disarmed. (VS255XR only) Optional accessories may be required.
  • Parking Lights and Car Locator — One flash for arming, two flashes for disarming, 3 flashes for tamper zone overridden and 4 flashes for tamper indicator. (VS255XR only)
  • Door Switch Input — Normally-open (N.O.) negative trigger input.
  • Backup Battery Capability — Use a rechargeable 9V Nickel-Cadmium battery (not included) to provide backup power to the alarm.

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